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The Novels of Monica Barrie

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Historical Romance novels 

My Historical Romance Novels are based on the reality of life during the periods they depict. I do not hold back in any way as I portray Romance, Love, Sex, and life itself during those time periods.

Contemporary Romances 

My Contemporary Romances are my back-list. These were originally published as Silhouette Romances. I have updated them, to a degree. All my novels are stories driven by strong women who learn exactly how to walk the paths of their destiny, and succeed in life.

I do hope you enjoy my works.

ALANA, by Monica BArrie


After The Civil War ravaged her plantation, destroyed her life, and crushed the man she was to marry, Alana Belfores vowed to rebuild--no matter what the cost. What she didn't count on was Rafe Montgomery riding into town and changing her lonely, disparaged life. His one touch seared her skin as his kiss devoured her entirely, igniting passion she never knew possible.



Elizabeth's story: the Sequel to Alana - An Epic American Historical Romance.
From the dredges of post war Charleston, to the steamy streets of New York, and on to South African, she dared to live the passion most women can only dream about.

Run On The Wind

A romance as strong as the rugged Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.
As the Civil war ended, Martin Dowley, the wealthiest rancher in the territories, seeks to create a dynasty using his daughter,Lara. Captain Kael Treemont was a stranger to the Wind River Mountains, and a man on a quest for vengeance. When they met, they found an a rapture neither had thought possible… Then Kael made a shattering discovery that threatened their newly found love.

A Whisper of Destiny

The drums of war were beating in 1811, and Kira Cornwall’s aristocratic Charleston life changed on the day her cousin was killed at his formal engagement celebration. It was also the day she met the mysterious Sean Rouger and felt emotions she had never before known.

Turquoise Sky

The Arizona Territory of the late 1860's was beautiful and untamed--so was Salena Andrews.
Alone after her father's murder, Salena fought valiantly to keep his ranch and dream alive. Then Cord Langley arrived amidst a series of Indian raids; and all too soon she learned he was a staunch defender of the Indians.
Salena was irresistibly drawn to the handsome rancher but could she ever give the fullness of her passion to a man sworn to the Indian cause--the Indians who had killed her father.

Silver Moon

She returned to Jamaica to claim her land, her freedom--and the forbidden love that could not be denied. A child when her father's death left her the sole heir to a vast plantation on the lush island of Jamaica, and great estates in England, Elyse was raised in England by scheming relatives ready to claim her wealth by any means. When they announced her engagement to a broken earl, Elyse makes a daring escape, fleeing to her beloved home in the Caribbean. Then she saw Brace Denham, the handsome convict's son she had once adored as a brother. Now, to her surprise, she desired him as a man. Brace, the son of a debtor, fought against his love for her. Elyse, impassioned, fought for the love his pride would deny.

Gentle Fury

The Civil War reached into Texas to tear Ti Bennett from the security of her life, to destroy her heart, and her ranch, and force her to give up the herd to stranger Arren Barkeley, who would drive the thousands of head of cattle to California, and she would return to Philadelphia. But,Ti didn't trust Arren--not his good looks, nor his kind manner, nor the ragging desire he created within her, a desire that shattered her willpower...until the day she learned his dark secret. Now Ti would match her will against his, her heart against his passion, until she saved not only the ramch and the cattle, but herself as well.

The Gentle WInds


The Story of Ti Bennett's great granddaughter and the stand alone Sequel to Gentle Fury:
The Napa Valley is a place of Passion and Plenty for some, or a land of betrayal and anger for others.
When Jase Patten swept into Ti Caissen's ordinary life like a cool wind from her unclaimed heritage: the Napa Valley, and the grandfather her mother had run away from, and the heritage she 'd turned her back on. What she didn't expect, was her physical reaction to Jase, and her sudden desire to learn what she could about the heritage her mother had escaped from.
But once there, the passions Jase released in her grew powerfully, as did her reactions to her strict by-the-rules-grandfather.



Sisters of War Box Set (2 Volumes)


Alana was the first book, and after so many readers asked me for a sequel, always saying they wanted to read Elizabeth's story. Which I titled, CRYSTAL.
Crystal can be read as either a sequel, or a stand alone.

Tapestry Collection Box Set

Tapestry Collection Box Set (3 Volumes)


These three novels are stand alone historical Romances.

The Barkleys Box Set (2 vol)

The Barkleys Box Set (2 Volumes)


GENTLE FURY is the story of Ticonderoga Bennett, during the last year of the Civil War.
THE GENTLE WINDS is the story of Ti Bennett's great granddaughter and name-sake, Ticonderoga Barkley.

While both books are complete stand alone novels, I thought it would be good to put them together as a box set to save my readers a little money.

Cry Mercy, Cry Love.

Blind since birth, Heather Strand had overcome her everything to become a sculptor and a rancher. Although Reid Hunter was blessed with sight, he saw less clearly than Heather the path they were destined to walk together.

Silken Threads

Heather Strand, blind since birth, had overcome her handicaps to become both a sculptor and a rancher. Reid Hunter, though blessed with sight, saw less clearly than Heather the path they were destined to walk together. And, haunted by his own nightmares, he is letting his chance for happiness slip by. Can Reid shake away his past long enough to stop running and see what’s before his eyes? It isn’t, until his love sharpens his vision and he sees the blinding truth, but is he too late for whom he knew is the only woman for him.

Love Games

Billed as a match equal to Tracy & Hepburn, Consumer Advocate Michael St. Clare, and computer whiz Alison Rand, creator of the hottest computer game in the country, face off. From the moment of their first heated televised confrontation, sparks flew, electrifying not only the TV audience but the deepest passions of the combatants themselves. While the nation tunes in to the televised battle on the pros and cons of computer games, the fireworks offstage far surpass the ones onstage.

A Perfect Vision

A Perfect VIsion

Will love and passion destroy Lea Graham’s vision for her life and her future? When architect Lea Graham fell on the mountainside of her perfect New Mexican paradise – the land she planned turn into a model community – it was the handsome and fiery naturalist artist, Darren Laird who caught her and saved her from a terrible fall. The impact of their meeting sparked a passion that left them breathless, and a need for both to share their love; but, the beginning of their love became a battleground between the naturalist artist trying to save the land, and the architect who threatened to destroy it. Will Darren’s mission to save the land smother his desire and love; or can Lea salvage both her career and their love?