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  • ALANA, the historical
    Romance novel set at the
    end of the Civil War, follows
    the turbulent life of a
    woman who has waited for
    years for her love to return.

    Alana released as eBook.
  • Cry Mercy Cry Love
       When Sculptor Heather
    Strand meets Ranch Foreman
    ReidHunter, more than stone
    chips fly.
        Blind since birth, Heather
    has learned to depend on
    herself and accept those
    things she cannot have. 
       And then she met
    Reid Hunter....


Monica Barrie's

Contemporary Romance Novels
& Historical Romance Novels

Bonnie Faber Wind, who writes romances under the name Monica BarrieWelcome to my web site! If you are a reader of contemporary romance novels and/or historical romance novels, I hope you will visit the various pages of my web site and consider reading my eBooks.  Readers, reviewers and fans have given me praise about my romance novels, calling them "romantically exciting", "stories that lead with the heart", and "simply enjoyable!"

Romance novels, by their very nature, are romantic.  When writing a romance novel, there are many aspects that must be taken into consideration, including the stormy nature of the protagonists, the depth of their emotions and the strength of their hearts, their past loves and their ability to heal and move forward to find their true love.  When you combine these factors, you cannot help but create a love story that is a story of romance, passion and deep emotion. 

Please visit the different pages of my website to learn more about me, my books, and discover a world of romance, adventure, excitement and love. 

Now Available As eBook;

Alana, Epic Historical Romance 


Run On The WInd, a Historical Romance set at the end of the Civil War
A Contemporary Romance,Special Edition
A Contemporary Romance,Special Edition
A Contemporary Romance,Special Edition


Coming Soon:  Tortoise Sky
Historical Romance