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  • ALANA, the historical
    Romance novel set at the
    end of the Civil War, follows
    the turbulent life of a
    woman who has waited for
    years for her love to return.

    Alana released as eBook.

About Author Monica Barrie

Meet the "other" faces of Monica

Monica Barrie, Jenifer Dalton & Bonnie Faber:

What can I say?  Romance writing has always created issues with names.  When an author writes for one publisher, then a second, many times there are contractual obligations coming with the publication and the name, so romance writers tend to have several pseudonyms.  I'm no different.   

In the real world, I am a geriatric social worker, wife, mother and recently grandmother.  My real name is Bonnie Faber Wind, and I live in Chestnut Ridge, New York.  My husband is writer David Wind, a multi-published author himself. 

I have opened this new website, so I could share many of my books that have gone out of print, and to have a place to let my readers know about projects I am working on. The first three books I plan on releasing as eBooks will be:
Cry Mercy, Cry Love, which was originally released as a Silhouette Special Edition; Silken Threads,  Another Silhouette; and, Alana, a Historical Romance originally published by Dell.

Three other novels, co-written with my husband David, and originally published under the name Bonnie Faber, will also be released soon.  These novels are suspense stories, with female protagonists.  They were the precursor to what is currently considered Chick-Lit - almost romantic suspense but with the emphasis more on suspense than romance. These novels will be found on both my website and my husband David's website.  The first to be released will be Shadows.

Please do feel free to use my contact page to send me an email.  I love having my readers tell be about their reading experiences and whether they enjoyed my stories. 

Thank you for visiting, and please do come back.